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A waterproofing membrane is a flimsy layer of water-tight material that is laid over a surface. This layer is nonstop and does not enable water to go through it. For instance, on a level porch, a waterproofing membrane could be laid over the basic piece and underneath the completion tiles. This will guarantee that water does not saturate the basic piece. The tiles and membrane must be laid over a filler material that is inclined to guarantee that water streams into sumps and channels. Any water that remaining parts as puddles over the tiles are probably going to saturate the piece after some time, so puddles are to be maintained a strategic distance from no matter what.

  • Super Elasto Barrier (5 Gallon)

  • Super Primer

  • Turboseal P (20 L)

  • Blue Max(5 Gallon)

  • Maximum Stretch (5 Gallon)

  • PUR 625 (25 Kg)

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