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What is Turboseal

Turboseal is a poly rubber gel system that uses a mixture of recycled rubber and co-polymers to create a flexible membrane that remains like a gel and is self healing. This product has been used extensively in Asia and has had a very good track record. The material is placed by trowel with the use of a rotar stator pump similar to that used for concrete mortars. The poly rubber gel is a proprietary product known as “Turbo Seal” and is exclusively made by Re-Systems Group.

Turbo-Seal, is a flexible gel that bonds any kinds of substrates to create an impervious waterproofing membrane. It is composed of polymer rubber (from recycled tire) infused with special adhesives and is a suitable waterproofing material for all types of concrete structures. Due to its flexibility, it is highly responsive to structural movements without losing its strong adhesiveness to the substrate. With its recycled rubber contents, Turbo-Seal is environment-friendly(no VOCs) and can be applied not only as a waterproofing material for new construction but also as a grout injection material for restoring damaged waterproofing membranes of existing structures.

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About Turboseal


  • Cold applied by traditional methods
  • Excellent elongation and flexibility
  • Self healing
  • Non flammable, non-toxic
  • Good for penetrations
  • Applied same day as concrete forms are stripped
  • No primer necessary
  • Good track record
  • No seams
  • Green Product: made from recycled materials

Turbo-Seal P

For new and existing, above and below grade constructions

Turbo-Seal U

Leakage repair material for below grade structures

Turbo-Seal R

Leakage repair material for above grade structures