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Water Tank Waterproofing Services. As water tanks are generally of concrete, the crystalline waterproofing system is more suited for this application. The cracks need to be treated. The joints between the horizontal and the vertical surfaces of the tank shall be treated. Any exposed metal rods shall be cut and treated. Service provider of Waterproofing Services. Concrete is less adaptable and breaks after some time. Fixing a current water tank is a tedious procedure and cause bother to the inhabitants. That is the reason when doing water tanks waterproofing for new homes, you need the correct arrangement. Water tank waterproofing covering is important to ensure water tanks or fake lakes. A Water Tank or a counterfeit lake is continually presented to squeezing water. They need additionally to withstand a consistent battering from the components and spilling is normal following a couple of years. MARIS POLYMERS offer fluid-applied Polyurethane waterproofing frameworks with long haul insurance for basic, nitty-gritty or confused Water Tank or Artificial Pond structures.

  • Super Elasto Barrier(5 Gallon)

  • Blue Max(5 Gallon)

  • RC Super Bond(50 Kg)

  • Monoflex(20 Kg)

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